Which is more stressful? Having Clearance or getting cleared

I’m curious for feedback on if after going thru the clearance process, that if you found making it past the clearance was less stressful when in the job then numerous paperwork and forms for the application process to “become” cleared??

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Hi nice to meet you, I will like to tell you a short story so this is what’s going on with my clearance I think the most stressful part is adjudication which is the phase of having your clearance cleared for having a security clearance that being said if your job mainly is in Department of Defense they need you to have a clearance. What they don’t want you to have is not have a clearance and yet work on aircraft so that being said your job depends of having a security clearance because if you don’t you will not have a job and you will be discharged so that being said 95% of this stress I have physically right now is not having a security clearance so I live my life day by day hour by hour if seeing this thing is going to pass or not so mine is been going on for 3 years straight and I have not heard of clearance yet back and this is one of the requirements to have a clearance and trying to get this through is the big major part of my stress right now so that being said it is very important to keep up with your clearance at itself in trying to see what the outcome is going to be

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Getting a clearance is far more stressful that having a clearance. Once you have your clearance, you need to do your job (which is the case if you are working a cleared position or not) and not do anything to jeopardize your clearance, which really shouldn’t be that difficult.

Most of the rules that you have to follow while holding a clearance should be second nature and are actually very similar to working in the none cleared world. When I worked at insurance companies, I handled personal data about clients that I could be fired if I mishandled. I also knew the internal workings of several insurance and banking companies that worked at. This proprietary information was considered “protected” by the companies and could have been in quite a bit of trouble for revealing it to competitors. I also worked in the software industry for many years where I had access to trade secrets and client information (the NSA was a client at one time) that I was required to protect.

While my job was always at risk over the these issues, jail time rarely entered into the picture as it does now, but my actions to protect the information that I am given access to remains, basically, the same.

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This could not be more true. Currently in IC adjudication. Might as well be purgatory.

Thanks for all the great feedback so far! Your response have matched what I was hoping to hear otherwise I’m not sure I would want to purse this process in the future as if the clearance process is preparing you for what is in store on a daily basis then I’m not looking for that in my life!

I wish I had been more educated in this process at a younger age and the potential impacts to your working life

Security clearance is life…just remember that