Who requests a 2nd interview?

This hasn’t happened to me but I read where people have to do a second interview or respond to a request for more information. My question is.Who requests this, Is it the adjudicator? If so does he or she do this because the first interview was through enough and if it’s not through enough does the interviewer get “ding” for it? My last question is. Is there any truth to the 90-day myth for the time an adjudicator has to make some kind of decision? My Department of State secret has been at adjudication since 8 February 2018. The 90-day mark is May 9th. Thanks for any info.

It is true that the adjudicator can ask for more info. Sometimes the investigator turns their report in and there is some of quality control review or a supervisor takes a look at it and tells them to dig a little deeper. In some cases the investigation digs up some info and the investigator decides to ask some more questions. There are a lot of reasons.

As far as the adjudication timeline it seems to be more of a goal than a hard-and-fast rule. I think the actual metric is that the fastest 90% of cases have to be completed in 90 days. But that’s a DoD metric, don’t know about State.

Thank you that was a perfect response and answered all my questions!