Wife is pregnant

I have been waiting for my Security Clearance for a long time and now my wife is pregnant. My wife is a Foreign national. our baby will be an American citizen. Do I need to report this?

You will need list spouse, and place of birth, citizenship. Plenty of American’s marry foreign spouses. Not really an issue per say…unless you married a spy. That…may be a problem. Otherwise, the simple fact she is foreign born…not so much.

If the baby is not born by the time your Interview happens then you would wait until the next investigation to talk about the child. Remember only disclose things in the past not the future.

You would need to discuss your wife though. I am assuming she’s a permanent resident so no problems at all.

I am in adjudication. Do I need to report my wife being pregnant? You got pregnant while I was in adjudication.

Nope! It would be discussed at the next investigation. Congratulations on being in adjudication!!!