Will NACI Bump TS

I was oferd a Background Investigator position with SCIS and my own background investigation has just started as I submitted my e-qip about 3 weeks ago.

I have also applied to the TSA for a TSO position and after reading how long people are waiting for their clearance with SCIS I assume that I will be offers the TSA job before I hear anything form SCIS.

Now, my question is this…will the TSA background check bump my TS/SCI for the SCIS job? Or, will both investigations go on simultaneously?

I don’t want to risk loosing the SCIS job, but if it is going to take a year or more I need to earn so money in the meantime.

BI positions get priority. People saying their clearances/adjudications for BI positions taking months to a year got really unlucky somehow or don’t understand what’s happening behind the scenes, because you can be street to seat in under 2-3 months. The wait time generally comes from the vendor’s need to fill training classes, not from the clearance investigation.

TSA utilizes OPM and requires a T3 for TSO. In theory TSA should just be able to see your ongoing investigation for OPM and accept the info collected from the T5 investigation. You won’t get SCI, just a favorably adjudicated T5 or TS for the BI position.

Good to hear that BI positions get priority…perhaps I will hear something soon about that.

Seeing how the TSA job is a T3 does that mean that it is a Secret level?

So, the background for the TSA job wont get in the way with the SCIS background? I would hate to have the TSA job cancel the SCIS job.

Secret eligibility, entry level TSO doesn’t need to be cleared.

One investigation won’t affect another in this particular case.