Withdrawal with no information

I just had my clearance with drawn from jpas no SOR or anything when I try to find out what’s going on they send me back to my FSO when I ask the FSO they say they can’t find out snything. The last thing on remember was the investigators saying the have to interview me again when I get back to the states which was the end of the month but they pulled it already a little short I like to find out how I can get some dialog going and how can I get to get this adjudicated so I can do my job serve my country honorably.

Sounds like BI person needs more info, and current position closed out clearance fast.

The BI has no say when the investigation is stopped, delayed, or discontinued. We just press onto the other cases on our assignment list.

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I know this will probably need a lawyer cause it looks like it’s in limbo just curious though why would it be dropped with out notifying some one of the reason so that the problem can be addressed?

Thanks Amberbunny2 I really do want to have this resolved hopefully by September if I file the privacy Act how long do the have to get back to me? Would getting g a lawyer make it any faster?

The Privacy Act (of 1974) in part requires the government to share information about you through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). You would be making a FOIA request if you are asking for a copy of your BI report.

These are normally about a 30 day process from my personal experience. A lawyer can’t speed up a FOIA request unless the gov’t refuses to release the information (never heard of this issue with the OPM/DCSA FOIA/PA offices)

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Thank you ever so much for the information . Sounds like I would need to file through the privacy act then get the information then have the company make me an offer then get a attorney To look into the revocation .

You really need to find out if there is a SOR or if the clearance was pulled for suitability. Also, if you were supposed to contact an investigator before going OCONUS but skipped out - non cooperation can cause your BI process to be discontinued - then there is no SOR, just a terminated BI process. BTW, you employer should know if your case was discontinued or rescinded.

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I have found out some things that may make this more confusing or might be why the clearance was pulled . For example I’m employed with company A they have my clearance now company B is the company that made me a offer after my contract with Company A was done. While employed with company A company B calls and says the got a message from either the investigator or some one asking for my address while I could not get a address for her I gave my po box and a number to get a hold of me. Then almost 3 weeks it was pulled. So when I ask company A for a Answer they don’t know anything I will have you ask company B what happened since they was in the file. I’m hoping that makes sense.

Charles R Lowe

I’m betting Company A shut off clearance sooner. Technically if accessing classified it needs reflect you are eligible to see it, what we call “cleared.” I’ve run into situations where company A is brutally efficient and they terminate sponsorship before. Company B can sponsor. And, if you are out of scope when it happens…you get submitted as initial. Had company A waited, and company B crossed over…I would normally get asked for a crossover form, and a reinvestigation form with fresh SF86. This way they remain active and cleared…can function on job and next BI is started. Other times they draw a hard line and refuse and claim unadjudicated info…initial only…no access…

@backgdinvestigator does the applicant get notified if the investigation is stopped/discontinued?

depends. Usually the Subject tells me they don’t want the interview and don’t need the clearance. That stops the investigation.

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Depends on the situation but not necessarily. An applicant would get notified of a result - the denial, intent to deny or revocation, etc.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: