Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


Based on your comment about a recent FedSoup response for someone in a similar position, I can only guess as to which IC org you’re referring. If it’s the one that I’m thinking of, then the security contact can tell you when your packet is “with adjudication.” I suppose it depends on the security officer, however.


Newbie here:

I guess my process has been fairly quick:

  • Submitted SF86 - Nov, 2017

  • OPM Investigation Open - Dec, 2017

  • Interview (One on One w/ Investigator) - Feb, 2018

  • Granted Interim TS - March, 2018

  • Last Subject Reference Interview - June, 2018

  • TS Clearance Granted - August, 2018

… waiting on the SCI now (which I hear can take up to an additional 4 months)


Similar situation with me. It took me 8 months to get cleared at the TS level from nothing. A detailed SF86, helps.


Just out of curiousity, what would cause an interim secret clearance to get denied? I submitted my SF86 back in Apr of this year and the only thing my FSO tells me is that it says my eligibility is pending and that I’ll be skipping the interim and going straight to the fully adjudicated secret.

So I have to wonder if that means my interim was denied for some reason. If that is the case then I have no idea why.

Any insight would be appreciated.


No problem. Keep in mind, there isn’t much the congressman’s staff can do. But it does help clear the dust off of an investigation that’s been sitting idle.


Interim clearances are somewhat a thing of the past. I wouldn’t be concerned if you weren’t granted an interim. With how quickly they are moving today (compared to a year+ ago) granting an interim would be pointless and mostly symbolic.

It used to be they would grant interim to signify that they don’t see any major issues based on preliminary checks and that there is a reasonable expectation the clearance will be favorably adjudicated.

I’ve seen a handful of fully adjudicated secrets granted in about 4-5 months lately. Granting an interim on that timeline would just slow it down honestly.


Wow that was fast! I got an e-mail this morning from NBIB with a secure link to see my status. Good thing is that my background investigation was completed on 7/11/18 and it was sent over to the DoD CAF’s Security Office for adjudication. Any ideas out there as to how long that could take??


I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I sought out this job, I wasn’t looking for a job based upon clearance level requirement. I was looking for a job where I was qualified and the company was willing to hire me for what I considered a reasonable salary. I doubt most people start out seeking a high level clearance, but rather the job the seek is one that happens to require such.


My adjudication with DODCAF took about 10 days from the time my investigation closed.


Thoughts on my process:
-Applied October 2015 for analyst position
-Interview/COE: March 2016
-Poly/Psych/Medical: January 2017 (long gap because I was overseas learning Russian)
-Have been waiting since with very frequent updates from my agency via email

My program officers have changed often due to high turnover within the division. My current indicates that I’ve made it this far and usually if they find red flags, they turn up during the poly/psych/medical, which all checked out good for me according to her. She speaks in a way that I’m going to get my clearance, I just have to wait. Even though I did two polies back to back, and my polygrapher was pretty aggressive asking about my time in Russia, I just stuck to the truth and defended myself as he tried to accuse me of lying and of manipulating the test. Both polygraphers had no issue with me dating a few Russian women when I was studying there citing that it’s normal and that I’m a young guy, but they were continuously asking about any recruitment efforts made by the Russian government against me. I guess the Russians are pretty aggressive. I saw some suspicious stuff (it’s Russia) which I reported, but no blatant recruitment. When my second poly ended, the polygrapher randomly asked would I do clandestine if it was offered to me. I said hell yeah, despite my current application being for an analyst position. I just told him that it’s my dream to work there. He said thank you, shook my hand, and walked me back to the lobby.

I did a language scholarship in Russia sponsored by the U.S. government in the summer of 2016. Also, I went to Russia for a public diplomacy a program hosted by a Russian NGO close to the Russian government in February of 2017. I have been to Kazakhstan a few times to do research and study abroad. Kazakhstan is a former Soviet Republic and Russian ally. I have many foreign national contacts who I’ve met in school or overseas, but don’t really have close and continuing contact with them. I reported all of this to my agency in extreme detail and also frequently reminded them how aware I am of Russia’s efforts to recruit potential IC employees. Not only to my program officers, but to my polygraphers, my psych evaluator, and recruiters that came to visit an elite language school in the U.S. that I attended last summer while studying Russian.

Please give me your thoughts, and please no immature conspiracy-related responses about the President and collusion unless you can substantiate them with FACTS. Thanks.


Only a guess . . . You are likely under continuous evaluation. They are looking for signs that you HAVE already been recruited.

But, you also have to consider that they asked you about clandestine work. This isn’t The Hunt for Red October. They aren’t going to pull you from a desk in Langley and send you on some spy mission. If they decide or have decided to bring you into the clandestine service, they will wait until they think that they have a mission for you and bring you in quietly. Likely no one will even know that they have hired you in.


Have you met with a background investigator yet? If you have and everything looks good, you’re stuck in adjudication with everyone else.


No advice other than I’m in a similar situation, although I spent less time in a different country and am a few months behind you. Those polys are an experience, aren’t they?

My only guess is that as Ed said, we’re under continuous evaluation and there’s some sort of flag put on us (like popping up in a file at an overseas posting for suspicion of being recruited) or adjudication times for this organization really just are this long. Another possibility is that we’re just in a pile of packages ready for adjudication, but attrition/resignations/openings for current guys haven’t produced the need for it yet.

Best way I’ve found to deal with the waiting is just to pretend the process isn’t happening. Call in once every month-two months or so to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


I have applied to one of the IC agency . I was informed by my recruiter that the position is no longer available and my application is no longer active. I have moved a long way with the process. My question is : now that the position is no longer available what happens with the security process? Is it going to continue or the security process will stop where ever it is now ? I was told to apply for other similar position with the agency and if selected come back for an interview again !

If selected for any other job , do I have to start all the process from beginning or they will be able to pick up the process from where it was stopped ? Any advice from an expert is highly appreciated.




I am experiencing security clearance processing delays.


From actual experience, I can confirm that possessing strong professional qualifications, aptitude, and and enthusiasm for IC work are not, in themselves, any guarantee of a favorable decision as far as actual hiring.

Also, the BI is essentially the same, irrespective of whether you are applying for an analyst or for a clandestine service position.


Lightning speed! Wow. Congrats.

(Copious detail on the SF-86 and on Day 438 of waiting here.)


I got told to do SF-86C to ensure my investigator has up to date information. While doing so I talked to an FSO about a couple questions who told me I was mistakenly about the scope of the personal foreign contacts question, so now I’m listing Facebook and LinkedIn contacts that I talk with maybe every couple months and explaining that I messed up.

The FSO said they don’t really care about such casual contacts as long as I disclose them, and this isn’t a big deal, but I can’t help but feel anxious about it.

On the plus side, I start work with my interim soon. I booked my flight and a long-stay place for a few weeks today and tomorrow it’s car shipping quotes.


When did your investigation start?


Same thing happened to me, nothing to worry about. I did panic until I heard back from my FSO though.