Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


Here is my timeline for a T3 secret.

Sept 2017 - submitted e-qip
Oct 2017 - granted Interim secret

Sept 2018 - sent a letter to my congressman
2 weeks later finally got a call from OPM investigator. Coincidence? I think not. Hopefully things will move forward quicker from here.


2 year since background investigation is completed


Clearly, to this day Congress has not put enough resources into this effort, it’s ridiculous! I’ve been in the process for only 4 months and the most annoying thing for me is not being updated as to where I am in the process. This should be done MONTHLY, by law, if necessary, since these people don’t have any common courtesy. My last request for an update was a waste of time. They make the claim that they don’t have any idea and I just don’t believe it.


This already exists. In the form of clearance databases such as JPAS.


This wait is insane. Reading through these, I’m guessing I’ll have to get used to it.
Aug 2018 - Submitted SF86
Crickets. No one has contacted me, credit not yet pulled.


SF-86 submitted in March…
Credit ran in August…

That’s it.


You guys are really funny! Don’t start worrying yet!


How do you check credit was ran ?


You can get a free credit report each year from each of the credit reporting agencies ( Under the inquiries part of the report, there is a list of companies/organizations that pull the credit. This will be a “soft” inquiry, doesn’t impact your credit score. Whereas loan companies, credit card companies result in a “hard” inquiry.


Thanks KayNay. I have been looking reports through other service which only shows me hard inquiries. I will check through annualcreditreport.

I have been in Adj for six months now. And this is getting frustrating.


If they haven’t run credit your file is not in Adjudication, its sitting in the queue of 600k. What type of clearance BI is it?


I am planning on requesting my BI record. Do I have option to put an electronic request or is it only through mail? Does adjudicator receive exact same records that i would receive to make decision or do they receive something more than that?


My SF-86 was submitted in August 2016. The investigation wasn’t opened until November 2016. I didn’t get an interview until December 2017…and the investigation is still open.


Today I saw that my credit was pulled in Oct 2017. I had called OPM line in Jun 2018 to find that my BI was closed and sent to DOD for adjudication in May 2018.
Since then FSO is saying that JPAS is showing tha Adj is In Progress.


That is crazy. From what I can tell, the process is even slower this year than it was in 2016.


My background investingation that i was reffering to is for TS


Congress has not put enough resources because this mess doesn’t affect them directly. I am sure, they get their clearances in some form of expedite manner. Further, clearance applicant population is not large enough to make significant noise and deter politicians’ vote share.
This process reminds me of Master-Slave model in which applicants from general population is slaves. Until congress sees this problem as their problem, they are going to do very little (or nothing).


Man, you guys are funny. Save yourself the stress and don’t even start worrying about it until you’re a year in adjudication for a secret or 16-24 months for a TS.


Exactly. I keep chiming in when people question timelines. I was previously cleared for DOD-Secret. Still took 24 months to get a new DOD-Secret. 2015-2017
TS can take even longer


So I take it you are still in adjudication? How long? What’s your total timeline like now?