Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


You guys have patience of an angel. Everyone going through this process need to cultivate this.


Over a year in adjudication. A little over two years since COE. 2.5 years since applying.


I’ve submitted my SF86 in mid-2016. Still waiting for my Secret. Working in limbo along many of colleagues who have yet to recieve clearance after 1 year in the job.


I’m guessing your case was complex…?


Perhaps. I met investighator in June 2018. Investigator said I was flagged due to foreign relatives in Asia that I previously listed. Honestly I dont speak to them (cant speak my own language and last saw them when I was a kid lol). I made clarifications. Now its just waiting I guess.


Not really.

‘Complex’ brings to mind foreign relatives, lots of foreign travel, living in multiple places, relatively serious run-ins with the law, lots of debt, fairly extensive drug use, disciplinary problems. The type of things that might give a reasonable person pause.

I have none of that. Very little foreign travel, no foreign relatives or foreign contacts to speak of. No arrest record or any priors. I was no boy scout in college, but my experimental drug use was very tame, 6 years ago, rare, and admitted and corroborated by those who know me. Haven’t lived many places. No credit card debt, 800 credit score, manageable school loans, and I’ve worked in a position of trust for a while now.

I guess it could be complex if 50%-75% of applicants are boy scouts who’ve never do anything remotely illegal or lied about it, but I would not consider it complex.


congratulations! I bet that is a weight off of your shoulders.


I am still currently waiting on my periodic reinvestigation with DoS (Secret). I saw they pulled my credit on 05/07/2018. On that same report, it also had a soft inquiry from DoD DMDC-DEERS on 08/13/2018. I have been out of the military for some time now, but could this be related to my security clearance with DoS? Have no idea other than that why the DoD would want to pull my credit.


So I reached out today and my case is in the DoS adjudications division. If your case has been moved to adjudications, does it mean your investigation is closed? Here is my updated timeline:

05/03/2018: eQip submitted
05/07/2018: Credit pulled
05/29/2018: Subject interview
~06/08/2018: Supervisor interviewed
06/15/2018: Follow up interview
07/25/2018: Inquiry to DS/SI/PSS; investigation still open
07/25/2018: Congressional inquiry filed
10/15/2018: 2nd inquiry to DS/SI/PSS; case is in adjudications division.


Is this standard procedure for DoS applicants, or did you shoulder-tap your Congressman to expedite the process?


That sounds really appealing in the present climate–much faster than most to judge by this forum! Do your roles have some kind of priority?


You filed a Congressional inquiry less than 3 months after your eQip was submitted?


No it’s not standard. I filed it because I was concerned this clearance process was being used by my HR in retaliation for reporting misconduct of several coworkers. Also, another coworker went through his periodic reinvestigation at the same time as me and he got his clearance in a matter of weeks.


Yes, because I was concerned about the possibility of this “periodic reinvestigation” being used as a way to retaliate against me for making protected whistleblower disclosures.


I find by personal experience, if HR is too powerful and the Security function is subordinate…that CAN happen. It should NEVER be that way. It WAS the situation for me for my first 6 years, current contract. I fought it tooth and nail. The client constantly spoke to it in reviews to the contract company. At the end of the day the company wanted it that way so it stayed that way and they accepted the review downgrades. Suddenly the HR person is “moved” for reasons, Security value increased quickly. I reversed the inequity (both have a role to play). I keep HR out of Security files, and generally speaking I do not get into HR files. Individual clients can have priority, but I honestly believe my coworkers do not get a pass or bump ahead. If anything we seem to be last for operators. One should not over interpret staying in adjudication. Or compare themselves to their coworker. Everyone has a different BI, different results. It could be you are absolutely low on the risk scale and they keep putting attention on the ones requiring deep thought. There is risk to you should you leave before adjudication is complete. A good FSO will seek answers from their senior client security rep. Call it the equivalent of " smacking the TV" on the side. When I do this…interestingly enough, people stuck in adjudication…clear. Nobody steps up to own it…but they clear.