Dcsa interview advice or insight

Hey Congratulations! Your really moving through the process quickly. I wonder if we are both in the same region? Timing is really similar.

So, I love TEAMS. I do commander briefings on it with a lot of participants. Now, a year ago I would have been considerably less confident I’m sure. With social distancing its a great tool though.

Keep the thread alive. Looking forward to updating with an offer; fingers crossed and hearing about your start date.

Have a great weekend.

Have you heard anything yet from DCSA?

Final offer accepted today! Best of luck everyone.

Congratulations! :confetti_ball: i

I haven’t heard anything more than my references being checked. However, I was told that it could take “30,60 or 90 days before I hear about a decision.”

Congratulations!!! By the way, do they send the tentative offer letter via email or in the mail? Just curious…

Thank you so much for responding… I’m in the same boat; however, I didn’t realize that they would take that long to send a “tentative offer”. 30, 60 or 90 days is a very long time. That’s usually the amount of time the actual background takes. How reliable is your source?

Well, in my panel interview that lasted over an hour and thirty minutes the SAIC of the area I am applying to was asked one question by me at the close of my interview.

Me: So, I’m certain you get this question a lot.Can you advise me as to when I should expect a notification as to continuation or not?

SAIC: Huge smile, I knew your question before you asked it. You should hear something typically within 30, 60 or 90 days.

So, “The Source” is just that. However, he was speaking to me and every candidate is unique. Some move very quickly due to Clearance, Experience, Current Position, etc… and some move slower.

I will say this. It’s DCIPS. Which is 10 percent or less or the Federal Civilian work force. The process is considerably unique and mysterious. Enjoy the fact your waiting and a candidate.

Each day I don’t hear something I feel like it’s one more day I’m a candidate and their thinking about me. And that is a marvelous thing.

Good Luck! And Happy Friday

I should mention that I have the clearance for my current position so a new investigation wasn’t needed, so my timeline might be different from others

The tentative and final offers are given by HR, they’ll call you to confirm you want it and then it is given by email. They have classes in mid July and mid August

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Hello all,

I had an interview on May 25th (Two days after my birthday)… great gift, I must say.

My interview was with the SAIC and one other employee. It lasted almost 3 hours and the SAIC seemed engaged — at least I hope.
I was told I would hear something in a couple of weeks.

Still waiting….

Can anyone offer any advice on the waiting game… is NO news, good news?

Thanks in advance.