GDIT/CSRA Training Dates?


Hello! I’m in the same boat as you and am wondering if you have receive your start date?


The last update I received was training would start late October 2018 to November 2018. I am wondering why all the training classes they have had to date has not included people from the West Coast area is in need of investigators. I received an offer back in April and I am still waiting for training dates. I also have passed my clearance and I am more than ready to start. Is anyone still waiting that lives on the West Coast?


I’m also on the West Coast. According to my recruiter, training has been postponed to next year.


Hey guys, has anybody heard anything concrete yet about when the start date on either October or November will be? I really hope it’s not gonna be pushed back any further. Any information is appreciated, thank you!


I, too, was informed via email that I won’t be able to start training until the workload in my area picks up. I really need to work asap. So far, the only position close to my area is with SCIS.


I’am sorry to hear that. What is your area if I may ask?


The Columbia, SC Metropolitan area.


Hey guys! Has anyone been able to get in-touch with anyone at GDIT? Recruiters don’t reply back anymore, and no one at the company is answering any questions! This is weird… it’s almost November now and still no information…


I havent been able to get in touch with anyone. I reached out via email and got no response. I also called in to check my credentials and as of now they remain inactive.


That is so weird! This delay doesn’t make any sense, and tomorrow is the beginning of November! It would really help if they could at least tell us when the start date is. Funny thing is not even managers are responding anymore, neither via email or phone. When did you last hear from your recruiter if i may ask?


The last response I received from my recruiter was on Aug. 27 and it was very generic. Since, I have emailed a couple of people including my recruiter but have received no response. Per some articles I’ve been reading the company that bought csra out (gdit) has conducted several layoffs.


I spoke to them its looking like January the lady told me that they are going through a lot of changes & its looking like after the holidays & she said she will keep me updated


GDIT/CSRA held all of their training sessions this year from January to April, so it looks like they are keeping that pattern for next year. However, the company did the bulk of the hiring during this time frame. Couple that with the fact that, as others have alluded to, work is slowing down on the East Coast, then it is a real possibility they could rescind the offer letters in certain geographic areas. I got the impression when I was with them that they hired too many investigators. Although, as a caveat, it is a high turnover profession, so it may offset.


It is really weird that they still haven’t said anything about upcoming training in January. Not to mention no one in the company is replying to questions. Anybody had any luck yet with knowing what’s going on?


Go over to the investigator thread titled “put on hold for B.I. job” and scroll all the way down. You might have an answer to your question.


It is now Jan 7th and I am still waiting to find out if there is a teaining date in February. If anyone has any information @RAA that would be much appreciated!


CSRA is a sinking ship. They halted all new training classes last summer to ‘clean house’. New training classes were supposed to start back up in September but that did not happen. Now they’re saying NIT classes are to resume in the spiring. I was an investigator there for less than a year and left the field completely due to their gross incompetence. Basically CSRA has hired the bottom of barrel investigators/managers who CACI/KGS/etc. would NEVER EVER hire. It was a numbers game in the beginning, a race to fill positions w/o any care for hiring/retaining good quality talent. So now they are in a pickle and need to clean house as OPM has threatened their contract. They constantly fail audits. Top admin constantly leaving. Security office is a joke. Training is a total fail and everyone does their own thing. Field managers are inexperienced and ineffective. Completely unorganized. They lie so much. Total chaos over there. Stay away. If you’re still waiting for a start date with them please take your new shiny TS clearance go to a better company. Consider it an invaluable gift. Its really not worth it. Too much drama. Believe me!


How did you find out the contract could be taken away from them? I’ve thought that was possible for a while with them. They don’t seem to be given as much work as the competition from NBIB. I think NBIB lost faith in them.


Thank you for that. I have been talking to their competitor agencies to get started. I feel awful for ISN who hired us but are stuck to CSRA training.


There are a few companies tied to CSRA. The future of those companies is hooked to Csra and that is scary.