GDIT/CSRA Training Dates?


Hello! I’m in the same boat as you and am wondering if you have receive your start date?


The last update I received was training would start late October 2018 to November 2018. I am wondering why all the training classes they have had to date has not included people from the West Coast area is in need of investigators. I received an offer back in April and I am still waiting for training dates. I also have passed my clearance and I am more than ready to start. Is anyone still waiting that lives on the West Coast?


I’m also on the West Coast. According to my recruiter, training has been postponed to next year.


Hey guys, has anybody heard anything concrete yet about when the start date on either October or November will be? I really hope it’s not gonna be pushed back any further. Any information is appreciated, thank you!


I, too, was informed via email that I won’t be able to start training until the workload in my area picks up. I really need to work asap. So far, the only position close to my area is with SCIS.


I’am sorry to hear that. What is your area if I may ask?


The Columbia, SC Metropolitan area.