Put on hold for B.I. Job


CSRA has openings in our NIT classes for Background Investigator candidates east of the Mississippi! If you have received OPM approval, contact me directly and discover why CSRA offers best in class candidate experience.


To anyone who is in the SCIS “black hole” wondering whether or not you will ever attend NIT, I highly recommend you take the time to reach out to ISN (@Derosa54 can help you do so). They can and will assist you with getting your career rolling instead of waiting for “someday.” Their corporate philosophy is extremely unique, and they support the concept of a fair days pay for a fair days work. It is my impression that if you are motivated and have a strong work ethic you will go far with the organization. I will continue to post about my experiences with them. @Excop1957 if you haven’t spoken with the man yet, you are doing yourself a disservice,


I applied to CSRA Havent heard anything back. Would love to talk to you and send my resume to you. Need e mail.


Done and Done. They have my info just waiting to talk to them. Thx


ISN handles candidates west of the Mississippi, CSRA takes care of candidates who are located east of the Mississippi. We have space in our NIT classes, contact me on LinkedIn for details.


@elcyberghost you’ve been really quiet. Are you still considering SCIS or have you gotten another offer elsewhere?


I’ve been looking at other options as I’m starting to feel that SCIS will no longer consider bringing more BI into the mix and rescind the job offers. I am wondering if the only one left in the ship is me. It seems that after reviewing all the past threads comments everyone has been trying to jump ship from SCIS. I am in the same boat as far as trying to get work ASAP. Its causing me a great deal of stress. I noticed that some already started the process of seeking other endeavours. Any recommendations? Really don’t want to be left out.



Well after reading the past comments threads, I’ve concluded that the only left on the ship is me. It seems as if everyone is jumping ship to other agencies. I have not gotten any other offer and was still waiting to hear back from SCIS. However, I’m still waiting. I’m currently looking at other options right now and would definitely entertain any other opportunities. I need the job as it is becoming financially tasking. Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.



please send me a note via LinkedIn, I’ll take a look at your information if you haven’t already been contacted.


You’re not alone yet El, @Excop1957 and I are still on the ship but we’re actively seeking a committed and sincere offers from anyone that will pull the trigger and make actual commitments. If you live East of the Mississippi river, talk to @Leslie_Jensen. I live in Utah, so I’m outside their territory. I spoke with @Derosa54 who is with ISN Corp. (if you live West of the Mississippi they would be a great option for you I think) on Friday and I really like what he had to say and ISN looks like a great option (I’m looking for a long term home, not a this will do opportunity). He was going to forward their info to their HR, so we will see where it goes. He did say it was improbable I could be in their October NIT, but that the November class was extremely probable if your SSBI has been completed. So far, I’ve heard two rumors; that SCIS is running a class in November and another that it will be in January. If this is true, SCIS would need to make their offer this Friday (or next Monday at the absolute latest to give two weeks notice) prior to starting the home based training on 10/30. January absolutely doesn’t work for me, and their inability to communicate and provide details regarding a start date is really troubling to me. Especially given how much my interview centered around communication…


Please reach out to me for additional info. I am on LinkedIn, too. ISN wants you to make the best decision for you and your family.


Thank you. As recommended, I’ve already reached out and connected with both stakeholders about possible opportunities. Indeed this waiting game can be a bit frustrating specially when you are ready and able to start. With no official announcement this could make anyone uneasy. I am looking at other viable options as I can’t wait another month. If in fact SCIS is planning to stage the next NIT in November, then I need to know soon and they need to send an updated offer. I can’t wait for a January start date as it will take a financial I just hope something happens within the next few weeks. Once again, thank you for the encouragement.


Thank you so much. How are you listed on LinkedIn? I would be happy to provide you with all my credentials. I’ve already gone thru the SSBI/TS and have been cleared by OPM. Just like my others colleague, I am in a holding pattern with another agency.


CACI has supported the OPM contract since 2004 and we are continuing to grow. If you have been cleared by OPM we have training classes scheduled for the rest of the year and I would love to talk to you.


I manage CACI’s investigator and reviewer training programs. CACI is growing and hiring more investigators. Accordingly, the training program, which was restructured in May, is also growing. I am looking for more good trainers to join our team. I will post two new job openings in a few days.


If you are looking to get into the BI industry or for a change, CACI is a great option. We are bringing on new investigators across the country and would love to hear from you. Our recruiters are working to fill our open positions and we are looking for committed individuals to join our team. If interested please reach out for additional info.


Looked at your CACI Job board on your web site. Cant locate any B.I. Positions here in Arizona. I also have a cleared SSBI T.S. Clearance approved by opm to work contracts. If you do have a position open and can start me in the class A.S.A.P. please let me know.



Do you have an Active TS/SSBI and cleared to work on the OPM contract and your training has been postponed? We will contact you immediately and get you started at CACI - a fast growing company and Industry Leader!


Attention to all investigator service provider contractor managers and recruiters. This blog site is not intended for use to post or recruit job opening and going forward all solicitation posts will be rejected and/or deleted. All applicants, please go directly to the company website for information, do not solicit employment information here.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.


I am not certain what is happening with other companies, but I have worked for CACI for almost 7 years and it is/has been a great place to work. I know that many areas across the company are looking for experienced and new investigators for the NBIB contract and I have never heard of an investigator put on hold for a position at CACI.