Put on hold for B.I. Job


The training was postponed until further notice. I have an Active TS/SSBI and I’m cleared to work on the OPM contract. Please let me know.

Thank you.


Hi, I am looking for an investigator job, I got certified as Financial Crime Investigator and working on getting my CFE exam, do you have anything for me?


how clean does your eqip have to be? I smoked twice in 2014 and also ingested shrooms once in 2014.


@elcyberghost Have you found a new home yet?


@Smityj15 I suspect (although I’m admittedly a noob in this circle) that the psilocybin use will constitute a full rejection as the military will [to the best of my knowledge] refuse you for LSD or mushroom use. But I could be mistaken…


Well its been 30 + days since i started this group discussion on being put on hold to start work. I found it interesting that other people are in the same boat and looking for info. Well i think i found my home. ISN has given me the opportunity to work and show my expertise. Right now just a short time to start. Already i can see the difference in companies. I give kudos to ISN Management and H.R. dept. They have kept me enformed through out my prosess. I hope other companies. Look at this and realize that we are all trained professional’s and just want to be treated with respect and given information on our hiring process.


Like @Excop1957, I too have moved on to [much] greener pastures with ISN. The difference is truly amazing, and they are an incredibly professional and caring organization. They are well grounded in ensuring their employees are well taken care of and they are highly responsive (they respond to phone calls and emails in minutes in my experience) to any contact with them. I went from being left in limbo and having an indefinite start date with another organization to having a fast tracked conditional offer (with a training start date in early November) in a matter of two weeks. As @Excop1957 noted, their HR and management staff are top tier. Whether you have your SSBI completed and you’re in limbo, or just entering the BI field, I strongly suggest you consider working for them. @elcyberghost if you’re tired of waiting, they would love to hear from you!


Sorry for the late response. Well good news. After discussing with a recruiter from CSRA about BI opportunities, I went ahead and submitted my resume. I did a formal interviewed with them and few days later I received a contingent job offer. Assuming that all onboarding pre-screening and process is completed, I should be hearing from them very soon as to a start date. After almost 30+ days of waiting and no updates from the previous agency, it sort of made me a bit nervous. I echoed the words of Excop1957 that we are indeed professional and would like to be treated as such. I just couldn’t take a chance of going another month without any work. Thank you again for reaching out.


Thank you @purgatory. Thus far, I’ve already accepted a BI role with CSRA and waiting for final confirmation and start date. I think both company are incredibly professional and just love their quick turnaround. I’m excited again to start the next NIT. Just like you and @Excop1957 I hated the fact that we were left out with no assurance, and no updates of possible start dates. Hopefully this new journey will be the beginning of greater things to come.


@elcyberghost Congrats on the new position! CSRA and ISN are partnered (CSRA does all the new investigator training for both organizations), so we may cross paths yet. Make sure you stay in touch on where you’re at in the process. I have a conditional offer in place and I just completed my drug test and agency (non OPM) background investigation packet. It’s looking like I’ll be attending NIT in November or December.


Hey guys, I was also supposed to be in the SCIS 10/9 NIPT class. I did some research into previous NIPT classes that were held over the summer, and it looks like each class was about 30 people. The lack of communication is perplexing considering the substantial financial investment they have made in us. Have any of you heard anything at all from SCIS in the last month? I am not quite ready to jump ship, but I’m getting more frustrated as the days go by.


The only information i received was from manager. He stated not to count on training until next year. He did not say when next year. I also was schedualed for 10/9 but like uou just told on hold. But i cant wait. Already accepted better offer with a much better company. They have made the hiring process fast and easy. Plus they keep in touch. Good luch with SCIS.


@MasonPatriot I too was in the same boat, scheduled for NIT with SCIS starting on 10/9. Looking at the calendar, it’s highly improbable it will occur prior to January. If I understood someone else on here, they had a class scheduled for September that was rescheduled once, then the attendees were placed on indefinite hold as we were. The lack of communication with them was frustrating, and to be frank, unprofessional. Like @Excop1957 I jumped over to ISN (since we live west of the Mississippi; east of it is CSRA territory). I first made contact with them on 10/6, and I am now in the final hiring process (conditional offer accepted, internal background paperwork submitted and in progress, drug test completed) with an anticipated training start date of mid November for the virtual training. The worst case scenario is December. Waiting for January (or whenever) was not an option for me as I need the income, and good intentions don’t pay my mortgage, Whereas you already have your SSBI completed I strongly encourage you to reach out to them and start the process. I cannot say it enough, ISN took really good care of me. Their management and HR are fantastic, and they respond to emails and phone calls within minutes, as opposed to several days with SCIS. I struggled with the loyalty component of abandoning ship, but the total lack of communication and inability to provide a start date eclipsed that. Good luck!


Congrats on finding a home with ISN. Thanks for the info, I may have to reach out to a CSRA recruiter if the training doesn’t happen in January. Is the pay similar to what SCIS is offering?


The pay is equal to or better than SCIS’ offer and there’s an additional benefit they offer that I’m not sure that I can disclose; but it is both significant and meaningful. To be honest, I wouldn’t wait if I were you. SCIS has not reached out to us since they told us our NIT was delayed indefinitely on 9/12. To be frank, that doesn’t bode well. But that’s just my $.02 and ISN has more than met my needs. When you reach out to them I think you will be pleasantly surprised!


I’m in the same position as several of you. Accepted offer from SCIS, favorably adjudicated SSBI, now on hold. Anybody heard any new updates from SCIS?


@25MP When I looked at SCIS’ open positions last night there are absolutely no Level One/entry level positions open anywhere in the US. There are however tons or experienced investigator openings nationwide (in addition to case reviewers and other jobs). While I’m no prognosticator, I suspect that doesn’t bode well. If your circumstances allow, continue to wait; but if you need to get working I’d reach out to one of the competitors and look at changing teams. As I understand it SCIS had training scheduled for September, which they rescheduled and cancelled. Then our training session in October was cancelled. It looks like the last NIT class they ran was in May or so of this year. I live by the notion that a company or organization will never treat you better than when they are trying to form a relationship with you (or to get you to work for them). Do what’s best for you and good luck!~


SCIS’s response to whatever the delay truly is flies in the face of their initial correspondence with me. Employee driven and transparency were core principles of their investigations division. It’s hard for me to fathom that they would invest the amount of money they have on all these clearances and just let folks walk? Me personally, I would greatly appreciate the truth, then let folks decide if they can hang on or not. Thanks for everyone’s input.


Anybody have any new updates? Those of your who have explored CSRA, how long did it take to get an offer? I’m 2 phone interviews in. Thanks!


Well i started this blog almost 2 months ago. I started the process then with I.S.N. who contracts with CSRA. had to be approved with CSRA To work their contract. I was approved Nov. 9th. By OPM And i just got the word today i start jan 3rd 2018 training. So as far as i am concerned it has been worth Dropping SCIS to go to work with ISN and work with CSRA. If you have had 2 phone interview. You are close hang in there its worth it.