Put on hold for B.I. Job


I agree 110%! It’s definitely worth waiting for!


@purgatory - Greetings, hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to touch base and gather some information as it pertains to your recent experience. I’ve been offered by CSRA! How long did it take for your favorably adjudicated SSBI to be approved by OPM for the CSRA contract? Thanks!


Life is fantastic, thank you! I have my orientation with ISN on 1/4, and the following Monday I start my three weeks of training. It took OPM 2 1/2 weeks to re-adjudicate my SSBI. From there, they resent a conditional offer with my actual start date. I just barely missed the training evolution which began on 11/23, and they [for obvious reasons] did not have a class starting in December. @Excop1957 fell into the next class, which starts the following week. As I understand it, CSRA has weekly training sessions, so once you get your favorable, they should get you in quickly. Glad to hear from you, and feel free to reach out anytime!



I am a recently retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer with current TS/SSBI. Do you have a point of contact for ISN investigator openings in Utah?


Again, I am not a recruiter, nor, do I work in HR.


@purgatory …Happy Holidays! I start 1/26. Let me know how new investigator training goes. Thanks!


@elcyberghost…greetings and Happy Hoildays! Have you started With CSRA yet? I was in the same situation as you with another company. I have a start date of 1/26. Just curious how it’s going for you? Thanks!


Congrats, what an awesome Xmas present! I start my NIT on 1/8, so I’ll be
happy to keep you in the loop. Merry Xmas and Hppy new year!


Congrats on your start dates. I’ve been following your stories since the first thread, was curious to see how things would turn out.


Well i started this blog back in sept. It has taken me until December to apply and go through my new company’s process. I start January. So it has taken a while i am happy with my new situation. I also just heard 2 days ago from SCIS, company that put me on hold, asking if i was still interested in starting a class with them. I advised no thank you i have moved on with another company. With in 10 minutes i received an email from them stating i did not qualify for the position i applied too. Interesting behaviour of a large company that is suppose to be respected in this industry.


How much they offer you hourly and health welfare


I am currently STILL in the same situation as several folks in this thread. I have my SSBI completed, but am still waiting for the sponsoring company to schedule me for a training class after the originally scheduled class was delayed in October. I’m not sure I can wait much longer, and I just want to get to work. I see some jobs available in my area for level 1 investigators, and I would be very interested to hear what CACI has to offer. Thanks!


@MasonPatriot That’s definitely a tough spot to be in. Have you reached out to your sponsoring company recently? From all the postponements and people switching companies, they might be swimming through hundreds of offers and trying to figure out who needs to go where.


I have been in contact with them, but I have been told to continue waiting without specifics. You’re probably right about the reasons for the delays though.


I have called/emailed every couple of weeks and get it is still in the works. They have posted new jobs, so it might take time. Has anyone got anything firm fron SCIS or time frame.


I applied for a BI position with SCIS in early October of 2017. Other than the immediate auto-reply"Yes we received your application" I haven’t heard anything from them at all.

The position I applied for, and one other I was considering applying for, still show as open on their web site. Based on what I’m hearing from the folks that had their training cancelled and my own experience, I suspect they are A) taking a step back and trying to build their N American infrastructure some more before expanding their BI division, or B) Taking a step back and preparing to get out of the BI business.

Fortunately I’m not in a situation where I need to hurry and get hired right now. I’m fine with waiting and seeing how this plays out.


SCIS has posted new BI entry level positions. I touch base every couple of weeks and do not hear much. I am checking out other companies while the wait continues. The money they put out for the background check might be up in smoke soon if they do not get off the pot.


Good morning. I am scheduled to begin NIT with Keypoint on the 21st of this month. After the longest delays in response from SCIS, they have tentatively scheduled their NIT for April. I will have to the email received yesterday by today to let them know if I plan on attending. This is a new field for me and I failed to adequately restores companies. After reading all of the dreaded comments about Keypoint, I am very hesitant on starting their process. As I said this is new to me and do not want to spend a miserable year for little to no money as well as have to pay back her training fees. I also have reservations about SCIS just based on the waiting game that I have played with them, however I have not found nearly as many bad reviews from their BIs. I have noticed talk of other companies with better reviews such as CSRA and ISN. I believe I read in a thread that you were in HR and would be able to provide me some great information. I really want to make the most informed decision
Any information that you can provide will be appreciated


Please call me 214-470-3853.

Larry Bell



I applied to SCIS in December. I finally got contacted for a virtual interview the week for Jan 29th. I did it on a Saturday and heard back from them that Monday Feb 5th. We set up a phone interview Tuesday the 13th. After the interview they asked me to complete a writing sample. I did that the same day and turned it in. The interviewer said it could take 2 weeks to hear something back. I’m done interviewing just waiting to see if there will be an offer.

From the looks of things it seems that it may never happen, ha! I hope things won’t lag…