Put on hold for B.I. Job


Has SCIS conducted NIT in 2018 yet? As it has gone quiet here I am wondering if they did and everyone is out working??


The next SCIS NIPT is in June. There was a handful in April. I wasn’t able to take a spot in June because of a military service obligation and I’m waiting to hear when the next class will be.


And they just emailed about a July class. Appears like SCIS has their training pipeline straighten out.


Oh, that’s good news. I doubt I will have my background done in time for July as I am just now hearing that my references are being checked.


@Derosa54 I would like to ask you some questions about working for ISN.


Wow, congrats…I’m staying optimistic that I’ll get into that July class; my Investigator finished everything on my case the last week of April…I have no issues in my background, so an interim shouldn’t be a problem,


@Derosa54 Thanks for agreeing to talk. Basically I would like to know if it is possible for me to come over to ISN after my background is done and if SCIS takes a long tome to send me to training? You had mentioned it in the past in a post that ISN would possibly have open positions for those who already have a clearance.

Also, does ISN hire part-time investigators?


Yes, it is possible. We have open positions though out the country. We do not have part time positions. We have
independent contractor positions. Thank you for asking. ISN wants what is best for you and your family.



Do you have an HR point of contact with ISN? I’m interested in a part time contractor BI position. The website does have a link saying “I’m interested” but when you click on it, it seems to be more directed towards companies with several investigators contracting with ISN. Thanks!


Yes, we do: Matt Richard. mrichard@isncorp.com - he will refer you to me for contractor work (part time).



Thank you sir!!



Do anyone have an update on when training for CSRA/GDIT will resume? I was cleared on March 23rd to work on OPM contract . Did my passport photo and creditials, but was told late April training has been delayed til August or September. This process has been frustrating to say the least! I live east of the Mississippi. Any info anyone has will be great. Thx!


@qazw thanks for the info! Looking closer at this blog it does appear a few people have gone to NIT within the last few months… Weird and frustrating!


I was also cleared to work on OPM contracts for CSRA/GDIT over a month ago and I have been waiting for follow-up emails ever since. Have you been notified about your start date? I’m pretty new so I would really appreciate it if you could share anything about the delays with CSRA/GDIT.


I checked in with my CSRA/GDIT recruiter this morning and was told NIT training is pushed back to next year. Very frustrating as I was looking forward to moving forward with the October training.


This has just happened to me too, I had a start date of 4th Jan 2019, accepted by OPM to work contract and they have said start date postponed! I have no idea why, if it will be reinstated nothing! Did you have any luck?


I thought I had stopped following these threads😃 I had been waiting for over 8 months for a start day that never happened with CSRA/GDIT. I did not receive the infamous email that job was being rescinded; however, I called and spoke with my recruiter, and he was very open and honest with me. He told me the email would be coming to me as well SOON. He suggested that I seek opportunity elsewhere and that there were approx over 150 people that would have their job offer pulled (Crazy!!!) He assisted me in knowing what clearance I had and were it could be found.
The SSBI/ tier 5 you have IS considered a top secret security clearance in JPAS! How do I know? I was recently hired with another contractor with DOD and it transfer w/o incident under top secret level. I’m telling you this to say… you have a golden ticket that CSRA/GDIT gave you! Utilize it to seek employment elsewhere! It’s not fair for them to stall us in such a manner. Go out and get your dream job!! Many Blessings to you All!!


Hi thanks for getting back to me, wow, thats just so frustrating, do you mind me asking who you eventually went with? the company that I’m having issues with is SCIS (Securitas) they have a OPS contract (which I was informed that I was cleared for) then today my training gets cancelled (it was 4th Jan 2019) It’s so ambiguous.



Hi Chelle,
Do you know if your SSBI was found in JPAS? And if not, do you know where that information could be founf? Also, to make sure, does it matter if the clearance has been activated or not? Thank you for any information!


Hi Cassidy,
Yes, your clearance will show in JPAS. It will be considered a top secret clearance if you had the SSBI investigation . If you go with another contractor or direct government, CSRA/GDIT will have to release you in JPAS for the other company to pick you up. Also, once your investigation for your clearance is favorable adjudicated it’s “active” and can be utilized for employement.
FYI-had no issues with my clearance showing in JPAS.
Hopefully, I answered all your questions.