Investigation and Adjudication Process


So @BobsBigBoy and everyone else. My recruiter email mailed me the other day and stated that due to the shut down the start dates for training are backlogged until possibly sometime in September. That’s a very long time from now. Something doesn’t seem right…


really? that worries me because I haven’t received my start date yet… took my PIV photos and fingerprints 4/13 and did my IT awareness 4/17. Haven’t heard anything since. Should I be concerned?


I’m worried due to the fact that my current employer since they know that I’m leaving has been putting me through hell, but at the same time I’m not worried because I’m keeping my hopes alive because I’m hoping CSRA doesn’t really have us wait all the way until September. There are people that have been adjudicated after some of us and are receiving their start date . I’m just hoping that I receive my start date by June no later then July . I hope the same for you !! Keep me updated if anything changes . I will do the same !!


I was never emailed about training being backlogged…when I called last week the lady I spoke to confirmed that my training is scheduled for May 18th. I wonder why training would be so backlogged?

@ausp, I took my PIV and fingerprints back in February and still haven’t gotten an email stating that the PIV was ready for pick up, but training has been scheduled. My recruiter said I would receive an email a week before training starts with all the information I need. I would maybe reach out to your recruiter and see if they have any sort of update for you.


Wasn’t the shut down like one day?

This is pure speculation, but it may be that they over recruited in some markets, but don’t want to let you go till they have someone who has passed the NIT class.
If that is the case, it would be pretty $h__ty, but people often don’t get the “Despite you great qualifications, we are going with…” until the other candidate is completely onboarded.

BTW, has anyone who has gone for their PIV, received their card or know at what point we will? Maybe @zippy34 can answer that.


Hi everyone,
I emailed my recruiter and she told me the PIV card would be delivered the week of my start date with my other equipment (laptop, cell phone, etc.) :slight_smile:


Thank you for the breakdown on why the backlog is possibly until September. Hopefully my region will have a start date soon because waiting til September seems so far away. I just hope they don’t hire a bunch of people and turn around and say that we’re not needed anymore like @BobsBigBoy stated.


I got an email the other day stating that all training dates are filled till September… my recruiter asked me if I wanted to work with one of GDIT’s subcontractors, but if I accept and start that position, I will no longer be a GDIT employee. What do you think I should do?


I think you need to really do some investigation on the other position and the subcontractor.
Then you have to decide what your current situation is.
If you have a job, is it stable?
How much do you love/hate it?
Pay vs. workload?
Will the other position get you where you want to go or is it a dead end?
Ask the recruiter how it would affect your eligibility to come back?

There are too many variables for us to really be able to help you make this decision, as they will all apply to you specifically and we might choose a different path based on our experiences.

All things being equal, taking a job now beats maybe having a job later.


@ausp I received the same email/ phone call about completing the training with a sub contractor called Next Level. I did my research and they offer more to my knowledge then CSRA. They provide company cars and credit cards. I took the offer and will be starting training June 29. I was told though by CSRA that I will still be their employee, even though when I did the phone conference with Next Level they stated that majority of the people that start with them don’t leave and become their employee. It’s all up to you though to make that decision. I made it based on my current employment situation.


very interesting,thanks for sharing!


@Ham28 I start with NLI on the 23rd. Care to share what your experience has been like so far? I can’t seem to find anything about this company anywhere online.


I did not accept their offer I’m going to start in September with CSRA because like you have noticed even though they are a newer company there’s no information on them.


This forum has some really great insight! Currently, I am also in the process with CSRA
2/2018 - Received tentative offer letter
3/2018 - Submitted Equip along with fingerprints
4/2018 - Interview with BI
4/2018 - 6/2018 - Reference Interviews
7/19/2018- Favorable Determination for Work on NBIB contract
8/9/2018 - PIV Scheduled for photo and fingerprints

I have yet to hear back from CSRA, Im assuming Ill hear from them once my credentials are active. If any of you guys have any more valuable information it would definitely be appreciated


04/23/18: Announcement Closed
05/21/18: Telephone Interview
06/21/2018: Conditional Offer Pending BI
07/06/2018: SF-86 & Print submitted
08/03/2018: Interview with BI
08/06/2018: References Contacted/ Interview with Current Employer
Playing the waiting game! :slightly_smiling_face:

I completed an SF-86 for a National Security Clearance (not sure what Tier that is), and have surprisingly already had my interview with my BI. I have limited travel within the last 10 years, and have lived in the same city for the last 10, as well. Due to this, my BI felt she would have her portion of the investigation completed within 2 weeks, which I took with a grain of salt given what I’ve read. However, almost all of my references were contacted within the first 2 days following my meeting with her, as well as my current place of work. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the speed of the process so far. Ultimately, I knew she could not speak for the timeline in regards to adjudication, but I forgot to ask if at the close of her investigation when she forwards it for adjudication, am I notified? This is for a civilian position with DHS. Are their Bi’s outsourced for adjudication? I don’t have any contact listed on the job announcement other than a general phone number. Any insight always appreciated!


You are moving at LIGHT SPEED through the process.


How did you find out your favorable determination, if CSRA hadn’t been advised yet?


I received an email from the Security Administrator at CSRA/General Dynamics stating the favorable determination.


Congratulations and good luck!!!


Congrats…I’m closing in on 6 months for an expedited T5…was told that I’d probably get an interim and be sent for training in 2 months…not sure how much longer I can hold out since my current job cut me 30% after finding out I was looking to leave.