Timeline 2024 Thread

Hi everyone! Here’s my timeline which is LONG. Still waiting.


Submitted SF86 - 12/2021
Poly/Med/Psych - 2/2022
Met with investigator between 2/22 and 3/22

The lastest update I’ve gotten (5/2024) is that I’m in the final stages of adjudication with a case manager. I’ve been stuck in this stage for about… I want to say since summer of 2023. Complete silence since then. No updates (any update I ask for from security is at the same stage - the “final” stage), no calls, no emails. No idea what’s going on, but feeling pretty stuck. Can’t leave my job either or they’ll completely stop everything on our end. Anyone else waiting as long?


Have you tried a congressional? I would at this point.

Technically yeah, my first secret took 3 years and was withdrawn before decision. I’m past 13 months again for secret and starting to lose track. Both DoD.

I have not, thank you I’ll consider doing that. Have you done one?

About a week ago. It’s not critical or anything for me, I’m still working either way.

UPDATE 5-24-24


  • Late August 2023: Submitted e-QIP
  • Early September 2023: Denied interim clearance
  • Late September 2023: In-person interview with investigator. We basically went through the e-QIP in order and they asked some simple clarifying questions.
  • October 2023 through March 2024: Intermittent contact with recruiter, neither of us have received any updates, investigator informs me when contacted that their involvement was over when they submitted their paperwork and that they have no information about the status of my investigation.
  • Early April 2024: Recruiting agency contacts government (VRO?) to ask about the status of my investigation. Government confirms that my investigation is in the adjudication phase (it’s unclear when adjudication started, the government only said that it was in that phase at that point in time).
  • Mid May 2023: Clearance Granted

Thanks for the update, and congrats on the clearance. Ive been waiting since beginning of Sept 2023. SF-86 submitted.

What clearance type was it?

Thanks again


It’s secret clearance.
Hopefully you’ll hear back soon.

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Sort of update, friend said he was contacted a month or two ago. I’m still pending adjudication again.

I have been in adjudication for one year and on the 365th day, they rescinded the TJO without identifying any reason for their denial. I guess the DHS works in extreme secrecy and deprives you of any rights.

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Hello everyone!
So for anyone looking for a rough timeline, heres mine.

My fso submitted my SF-86 on Sept 5, 2023. On oct 5, 2023 my investigation started with an investigator contact for interview. I was scheduled for a CI poly 2 weeks later. I didnt anything from anyone until today, 6 June 2024, from my recruiter stating that I was cleared, and good to go.
So, 10 months almost to the day.

This was for a TS/SCI.

Good Luck everyone!



I’m starting to see more people that applied March/April 2023 get cleared/denied.

Really hoping I finally get an answer soon, even if it’s no. Been living in the back of my mind since my first EQIP in December 2017. I can be patient with things for a long time, but come on. :frowning:


yep, same here. I really just want an answer. I put in a Congressional Inquiry this week, let’s see if that helps

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I put one in about a month ago next week. Did you report your anxiety stuff? That’s what I think mine is held up on. My first app was the old one where therapy used to be reportable. If the PVQ were out I wouldn’t have a single red flag to report so I don’t think I’ll get denied.

Good luck to you!

I don’t think so, but I told my investigator about it. I reported everything to a T exactly on what was asked with the help of my FSO. I don’t think anxiety was listed. They had a couple of questions about court ordered and voluntary therapy for major psychiatric disorders but it explicitly not supposed to include things like general anxiety.

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Ok good. You’ll probably get yours before I get mine, but you could be in the mental health queue if it’s listed as an issue in your investigator’s report. Especially if it’s listed as the reason you did certain things. Since your flags are pretty old, I bet you’re totally fine.

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Just seeing this post from a couple months back… DIA used to be the one IC agency that did routinely update DISS with the polygraph and clearance info. Maybe they have changed their policy here.

Just took my poly, i was told it was unsuccessful. Was hounded on drug and crime questions. Tried to get me to confess to something I’m hiding, I stood my ground. Total BS, so I’m unsure if I get another shot or not.

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This appears to be a very typical experience. You will probably get another shot, and most likely it will go smoothly. Not exactly a guarantee, but that pattern has been reported by many people over the years.


yeah thats what im hoping, it was just odd. Didnt even get to the CI questions, and I didn’t get any sort of clue of a possible redo as I was leaving, like some others received. Oh well, gonna try not to fret, what will be will be.


Thank you everyafter. I took your advice and emailed my Senator. Don’t know if it’s a coincidence or what but I FINALLY got cleared on 6/10! After 2.5 years I finally got it!